Top Ten New, Interesting and Cool Things at Porter Regional Hospital

The new Porter Regional Hospital will be opening on August 25, 2012 at 6:00 a.m. and was granted an exclusive tour of the hospital. Here are what we think are the top ten coolest, new and interesting things in the brand new Porter Regional Hospital.

#1 Private Patient Rooms
All patient rooms at Porter Regional will be private rooms and will all have great views and big windows to bring natural light into the rooms thus helping the healing process while a patient is in the hospital. Though the hospital doubled in size compared to the current LaPorte Avenue campus, the hospital has kept the same number of beds in order to maximize patient services.

#2 Layout and Floor Plan
The hospital has been completely designed to be patient orientated and Porter Health has designed this building to be focused on patient services. The floor plans have put services that rely on each other right by each other such as the Emergency Department and the Radiology Department. At the LaPorte Avenue campus, those two departments are on opposite ends of each other. Other essential services have been strategically placed in order to minimize stress on the patient.

#3 Center for Cardiovascular Medicine
As described by hospital personnel, “a heart hospital within a hospital”, the Center for Cardiovascular Medicine is a section of the hospital specifically designed for the heart. The center will have its own entrance for patients and its own registration, minimizing the time for patients coming in for outpatient procedures.

#4 Low Dose CT
The new hospital will introduce Low Dose CT into its radiology department in order to minimize the radiation levels pumped into a person’s body during scans. Porter Health will implement the Low Dose CT into all of its facilities in Northwest Indiana.

#5 It Is Based on Another Hospital
The new hospital is based on the plans of Southside Regional Medical Center in Petersburg, Virginia. They have taken what has worked at this hospital and implemented it in Porter Regional while weeding out the things that did not work so well to make staying at the hospital the best experience possible.

#6 1000’s of Hours Spent Planning
Porter Health spent countless hours sitting down with Doctors and Nurses asking them what they thought they needed in the hospital in order to make it the best it could possibly be for patient recovery and experience.

#7 The Fourth Floor
The entire fourth floor houses the Women’s and Children’s Pavilion which will provide all the services necessary for women’s medicine as well as children’s. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) will house separate rooms with glass rooms for each baby so the family of an infant is able to sleep by the child while they are receiving care within the NICU.

#8 Valet Parking
The new hospital will offer Valet Parking to patients when they arrive at the hospital as that is one less thing that a patient and family has to worry about while arriving to the hospital for care.

#9 Job Offerings
With such a big building in place, Porter Health has to hire new people to help staff such a large building including Nurses and support staff offering many jobs to the Northwest Indiana region.

#10 Patient Centered Care
The entire hospital has been built around the idea of “The Patient Comes First” and they have succeeded in all of the areas of the hospital. From the layout down to the light fixtures, the entire hospital is set up for patient care to be the number one priority.