Traffic Safety at Ben Franklin Middle School

valpo-community-schoolsThere have been reports from Benjamin Franklin parents and students about the crosswalks that exist at the intersection of Campbell Street and Park Avenue.

There have been sightings of children attempting to cross the street when the lit sign tells them it’s time to walk, only to almost be cut off by a driver turning right on a red light and not paying attention to the pedestrians that have the right-of-way. These types of situations do not make it safe for students to walk to school.

At this time, the Traffic & Safety Committee would like to extend a gentle reminder to drivers and students to be more mindful at this intersection before and after school.

Drivers, please do not attempt to make a turn when there is a pedestrian in the crosswalk. Remember that they have the right-of-way when your light is red.

Students, please be careful and aware of your surroundings while walking to school. Your safety is top priority.

Thank you to Principal Fields who has placed the sandwich board sign near this intersection in order to provide a daily reminder to all involved as well.

If anyone has any questions or concerns on this matter, please contact Tim Burkman (Engineering Director) at 462.1161 or email