United Way RSVP Volunteers Receive Awards at Annual Luncheon

At the United Way Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) of Northwest Indiana annual Awards Luncheon in March, several RSVP volunteers were recognized for their outstanding volunteer service.

In 2014, RSVP volunteers dedicated 20,860 hours of service and assisted 126,376 individuals in Northwest Indiana.

50+ Lifetime Hours Award:
Jim Arlt, MaryAnn Bombagetti, Robert Buggs, Alan Buvelot, Sharon Caviggiola, Carolyn Chrisman, Linda Dearing, Rose Deutcher, Ann Erickson, Norma Flores, Maria Georgiadis, Bernadette Golan, Lorotta Greer, Bonnie Gross, Susan Gumns, Lois Huntington, Jean Jongkind, Chuck Kenny, Patricia Konvalinka, Evelyn Lutterman, Lynn McCollum, Glen McGeady, Nancy McGeady, Sue Pelis, Jacqueline Parker, Dorothy Phillips, Catherine Schutz, Ann Scott, Ronald Scott, Robert Setlak, Hattie Stallworth, Emily Streeter, Diane Sunde, Phyllis Taylor, Joanne Turner, Tonie Walla, Allen Zepik and Doreen Zepik

100+ Lifetime Volunteer Hours Award:
Carol Anderson, Chester Baran, Guadalupe Becze, Phyllis Black, Dorothy Bronowski, Pinkie Brooks-Jones, Frederick Burgess, Kathleen Burgess, Shirley Charles, Agnes Chervenak, Leonard Cross Jr., Thomas Doris, Kevin Gooch, Jane Graaman, Judith Granzo, Lydia Hawkins, Joan Helms, Beth Hoeppner, Charles Herrold, Donald Holda, Margie Holda, Wallace Johnson Jr., Lorre Joiner Williams, Joann Kelly, Matthew Kelly, Audrey Lundeen, Margaret MacLeod, Bonnie Messenger, Faye Moore, Catherine Morrow, Edmund Naspinski, Mary Oren, Richard Pelis, Jack Potter, Loretta Requarth, Gary Roberson, Linda Shortt, Vincent Shortt, Janice Spencer, Theresa St. Myers, Acquanetta Thomas, Carol Teshima, John Teshima, Joan Truedell, Barbara Webb, Donald Westphal and Betty Yurechk

250+ Lifetime Volunteer Hours Award:
Erma Anderson, MaryAnn Andrews, Mary Campbell, Loretta Ciesielski, Joan Cox, Mary Davis, JoAnn Emery, Anita Favretto, J.H. Frazier, Carolyn Gabor, Anna Heuck,
Yvonne “Bonnie” Heyne, Jean Kleinschmidt, Natalie Kroening, Daniel Lemon,
Paul Lisowski, Olliestene Lofton, Agnes Metcalf, Bette Wedow, Thomas Molnar, Shirley Moorehead, Nancy Pawlik, Connie Potempa, Terry Ryan, Ruth Schwenk, Abraham Segovia, Roseanne VonBampus and Joanne Voytovich

500+ Lifetime Volunteer Hours Award:
Leo Barron, Doloras Dan, Patricia DeNeal, Larry Ferris, Elbert Ladd, Pamela Miller, Norman Morin, Judith Pehl Sr., Kathleen Quin, Cheryl Smith and Carolyn Warren

1,000+ Lifetime Volunteer Hours Award:
Maxine Hurson, Christopher McClure, Ellen Stevenson and David Vinzani

2,000+ Lifetime Volunteer Hours Award:
Cora Smith and JoAnne Smith

2014 RSVP Volunteer of the Year Award:
Lake County resident Christopher McClure, LaPorte County resident Carolyn Warren and Starke County resident Doloras Dan

Volunteer Station Award - Most Volunteers:
LaPorte County Meals on Wheels, Michigan City, Indiana

Volunteer Station Award - Most Hours Served per Volunteers:
Secrets Loving Care, Munster, Indiana

Volunteer Station Award - Most Served per Volunteer:
Sacred Heart Food Pantry, Michigan City, Indiana

Station Supervisor of the Year Award recipients:
Evelyn Harris of Lake Area United Way, Cheryl Daurer of LaPorte County Meals on Wheels and Joan Haugh of Community Services of Starke County

Congratulations to all RSVP volunteers on their amazing achievements!

RSVP is free to join and is open to anyone age 55 and over. Volunteers receive training, supplemental liability insurance, limited mileage reimbursement, a quarterly subscription to the Leading Times newsletter and the opportunity to attend social, educational and recognition events throughout the year.

If you are interested in volunteering for RSVP or would like more information, please contact Michael Glorioso at (219) 464-3583 or michael@unitedwaypc.org. You can also find out more about RSVP at www.nwivolunteer.org or www.facebook.com/unitedwayrsvp.

RSVP is America’s largest volunteer network for people age 55 and over. Consisting of over 500,000 volunteers throughout the country, RSVP offers a full range of volunteer opportunities specialized for older and more experienced adults. Through RSVP in Northwest Indiana, volunteers match their skills, wisdom and talents with the needs of the community in Lake, LaPorte, Porter and Starke Counties.