Vale Park Animal Hospital Employees Volunteer for United Day of Caring

Vale Park Animal Hospital Employees Volunteer for United Day of Caring

It is not only those with four furry legs, the employees of vale Park Animal Hospital help…

On Friday, the employees, along with Dr. Brent Lakia spent the day at Opportunity Enterprises for the annual United Way’s Day of Caring!

Along with other local business volunteers, the Vale Park staff enjoyed games and activities with those at OE, prepared a cookout lunch, and had a blast all day long.

Vale-Park-Animal-Hospital-Employees-Volunteer-for-United-day-of-Caring-2017_02According to Vale park Manager Gabby Music about 10 employees spent the day volunteering. The United day of Caring is a day they look forward to each year, picking a different organization to help out with.

This year, they chose Opportunity Enterprises where the staff had a great time painting and other crafts, and preparing the lunch.

“We pick where we want to donate our time to each year,” Music said. “Opportunity Enterprises gives back to people and the community.”

In the past, the Vale park staff has volunteered at the Valparaiso YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club of Porter County.

Vale-Park-Animal-Hospital-Employees-Volunteer-for-United-day-of-Caring-2017_03Vale Park is always bustling with people and animals. To help out their own clients and friends, in the month of August, the staff are offering products to help combat allergy-related symptoms. For Allergy Month, they are offering a Buy 1, Get 1 of any size first bag of Hill’s Derm Defence and Buy any 2 Ceva skin products and get a 2oz. bottle of Hyliderm shampoo, a bottle of Micellar Solution and a special gift.

Also, don’t forget to stop and wave to the staff during the Popcorn Festival this September! The theme for their float is The Secret Life of Pets!

For more information on Vale Park, click here to see their website!