Vale Park Serves the 4-Legged Officers at the Valpo PD

Vale Park Serves the 4-Legged Officers at the Valpo PD

Vale Park Animal Hospital serves the community in so many ways. But it isn't the only entity in Valpo that has a focus on Animals. The Valparaiso Police Department has a K9 Division that serves and protects the community as only man's best friend can do. 

The Valparaiso Police Department has four K-9 teams. All of the dogs are trained in narcotic detection and tracking and each team participates in weeks of training throughout the year. Each K-9 is a sworn member of the police department and lives with the officer and his family.

vale-park-k9 2The health and well-being of these dogs is a priority for the Valpo PD, and they trust only one place to take care of their canine companions: Vale Park.

Todd Kobitz is a Valparaiso Police Officer that is part of the K-9 Unit.

vale-park-k9 3"Vale Park helps us out with anything vet related," Kobitz said. "No other vets office takes care of us the way Vale Park does."

 The services that each dog needs are given free of charge by Vale Park. They believe that those who serve the community deserve service in return.

"We think that the dogs do a great service to the community from not only a function standpoint but also they play as ambassadors for the police department," Dr. Mary Ann Sheller, one of the owners and veterinarians at Vale Park said. "We want to do whatever we can to help these dogs."