Valparaiso Family’s Efforts Result in $10,000 Donation to Local Non-Profit

ValpoParks-Foundation-LogoThirty days of green-minded changes. Is that a challenge you would take on? Valparaiso resident Sheena Tatum and her family did. In March, the family accepted SC Johnson’s the 30 Green Days Challenge, agreeing to make simple green minded choices and chronicle their experiences on the Green Choices website and on her personal blog, Sophistishe. After the Tatums completed the challenge, they nominated The Valpo Parks Foundation, a network of facilities and programs that utilize and beautify the natural ecology of Indiana, to receive a $10,000 donation on behalf of SC Johnson. The organization will use the donation to fund a green initiative.

Throughout the 30 days, Sheena and her family shared tips with readers about recycling, reusing, water, and energy to motivate them to make green choices, including:

Recycle – Learn about your community's recycling processes and guidelines.
Reuse – Reuse rubber bins to create self-watering planters and use traditional planters to grow food. Decorating with food is much more functional.
Water –Use bath water to water plants.
Energy – Replace incandescent bulbs with CFL daylight bulbs. They are totally worth the investment.