Valparaiso High School Football Team Welcomes New Head Coach

Valparaiso High School Football Team Welcomes New Head Coach

Students, parents, and staff gathered at the Valparaiso High School cafeteria to meet the new Head Football Coach, Steven Mueller, on Thursday night. The night started off with a short cookie and punch reception as football players listened carefully to the advice of their new coach. With the new year and a new coach, the Valparaiso High School football players were excited to meet 2018 with tenacity.

The new Head Football Coach of Valparaiso High School, Mueller, began his speech explaining why the city of Valparaiso is particularly special to him.

“What an honor and privilege to be back home. This is where I was raised,” Mueller said. “Think of how worthy someone would feel to come back home and be accepted. It is just so special.”

One main lesson that Mueller wanted his football players to grasp that night was summarized perfectly in three words:

“Purpose, direction, and motivation,” Mueller stated.

These three words may seem simple, but they are the fundamentals to success, as Mueller emphasized.

“Our purpose here as coaches are to help your athletes reach their fullest potential” Mueller said.

Not only was the team excited to reach their fullest potential this year, but also to build strong relationships with their teammates. For some players, their team is family, like a brotherhood bond. A senior Varsity Football player, Jesse Harper, shared what it means to him to be on such an ambitious team.

“I have built relationships with a lot of the guys. It is a great experience all around,” Harper added, “It is a brotherhood. You just learn to love one another.”

For freshman Football player, Noah Wronko, the next three years of football have a lot to bring. Whether it is new friendships or winning the state title, Wronko is looking forward to a memorable year.

“Football is definitely a team sport,” Wronko claimed, “It is good to finally meet a lot of new people.”

As Harper and Wronko both noted, football is really about the relationships that you create with your team and coach. Now the Valparaiso High School football team finally got a chance to meet and begin to bond with their new coach.

Before the night was over Mueller thanked everyone for their support.

“Thank you for coming everybody. I would like to thank the community and the school staff for supporting and honoring me with this opportunity,” he concluded.

The support from the students and staff over the years showed how significant it was for everyone to work as a team. Whether on the field or in school, teamwork has continually made Valparaiso High School strong and competitive in both academics and sports.