Valparaiso High School Shows School Spirit at Homecoming Pep Rally

Despite the rain that had been pouring from the sky a mere 30 minutes before, Valparaiso High School kicked off the homecoming weekend with a high energy pep-rally at Central Park Plaza on Thursday night. The rally began with the VHS football team rolling in on top of a fire truck, and the VHS pep band playing pre-game music on the stage. There was a lot of cheering as the team came down from the fire truck and joined the students and parents on the plaza.

The rally was held to wish the Vikings good luck before they verse the Merrillville Pirates on Friday.

“It is really awesome to see our school coming together tonight to support each other. We are proud to be here to support our friends and to wish the football team good luck tomorrow,” Elaina Martin seniors Madison Whitler said.

In addition to being a good luck send-off to the football team, the pep rally was an opportunity for representatives of the many clubs and sports teams at VHS to introduce themselves. For example, the key club, speech and debate team, boys cross country team, Vikettes, cheerleaders, and drama club members made appearances on stage to briefly explain their organization and to wish the football players well tomorrow.

After the clubs and teams presented, the homecoming court was introduced. Each nominee was asked a question from a hat which they had to answer. Three football players had a race to see who could put a frozen t-shirt on the fastest. There was also a stunning performance by the Vikettes.

The evening was concluded with a pep talk by Coach Coyle, head football coach at VHS.

“I was so proud of these guys this past Sunday. 40 of our players went out to La Porte and supported a community that was down… I’m very proud to be their coach and be part of this community,” Coyle said.

A parent at the event, Melina Yallourakis, said, “This was a spectacular homecoming rally. You could sense the cohesiveness of the students and the community, and feel the enthusiasm and support they shared with one another.”

Music was played throughout the rally by the VHS band.

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