Valparaiso Looking Ahead

valpo-nextWhat’s next for Valpo? You decide! 2014 will allow you to unleash your creative ideas about where you would like to see this city in 20 years.

If you love this city, because of wonderful childhood memories or you even own a business in the city, then I know you care about it’s future. Help us to ensure that our community is the best it can be.

My family has lived here since 1967 and we have seen many changes around here. These kinds of changes come from great ideas.

February 24, 25 or 26th. There are 3 big citizen Brainstorming Meetings, followed by a Community Summit in the spring. There aren’t many cities that want community involvement in their growth. We do. Please get involved!

Visit to learn more. Like our Facebook page, “Valpo Next”.