Valpo Noon Kiwanis Generously Donate to Jacob’s Ladder Academy

Valpo Noon Kiwanis Generously Donate to Jacob’s Ladder Academy

Jacob’s Ladder Pediatric Rehabilitation Center has been selected to receive a generous donation from the Kiwanis Young Children Priority One Committee, a sub-committee of the Valparaiso Noon Kiwanis club. The $1,000.00 gift will be used to help fund the Jacob’s Ladder Academy program.

“We are so honored to be chosen by the committee to receive this gift!” said Liz Mayo, Executive Administrative Assistant at Jacob’s Ladder. “As a non-profit organization, donations like these are the reason we can offer programs outside of traditional therapy, like the JL Academy.”

“I am grateful that the Kiwanis Young Children Priority One Committee selected Jacob’s Ladder for this donation,” said Liz Sievers, Ancillary Program Coordinator. “This donation will go toward our scholarship fund so that all children have the same opportunity to attend and reach their fullest potential!”

Jacob’s Ladder Academy is a social group for kids with sensory issues/behavioral concerns focusing on kindergarten preparedness while building academic and social skills in a nurturing environment. Children are introduced to a play-based curriculum that focuses on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, social/emotional skills, language skills, and academic skills.

The funds from this bequest will help provide scholarships for children who would otherwise be unable to attend Jacob’s Ladder Academy. This means that every child will have the same opportunity to master these essential life skills.

Along with scholarships, this donation will provide supplies for an entire year! Jacob’s Ladder Academy will be able purchase a wide range of supplies such as snacks to learn about appropriate table manners, craft supplies to engage the class in fine motor skills, and small games to make gross motor skills fun. Supplies such as these are essential in helping children reach their developmental milestones.

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