ValpoLife Profiles of VHS Athletic Leaders

By: Brett Fuller Last Updated: July 15, 2010

One of the staples of the Valparaiso community is the athletic program at Valparaiso High School. Consistently one of the better all-around programs in the region, and in the state, VHS has plenty of great leaders at the top of its programs.

Over the past year and a half, we’ve put together profiles of several of Valpo’s athletic leaders, past and present, like Virgil Sweet, Skip Collins, Mark Hoffman, Bob Punter, Jeanette Gray, and Joe Otis. We’ve gathered these interviews in one spot for your viewing pleasure; be sure to click around, come back, and view them all!

Virgil Sweet Interview: Funniest Moments as a Coach


Virgil Sweet Interview: VHS Coaches and Families Video


Virgil Sweet Interview: Past Players Video


VHS Coach Hoffman Talks To Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson Football Teams Video


Skip Collins Interview


Bob Punter Interview


Joe Otis In Boucher Gym


Jeanette Gray Interview


Joe Otis School Board Approval