Vasectomy and Basketball: A Winning Combination

Porter-Watching-BasketballFor years, many men have been looking for an excuse to do nothing but watch basketball during the month of March. Now, thanks to some clever urologists, some may have found it.

Many doctors are now advertising vasectomies in advance of the tournament, and some report significant spikes in the number of procedures performed each year during March. Vasectomies typically only take between 30 minutes and an hour, and it is recommended for men to take it easy for a couple of days afterward. Most are able to handle their pain with over-the-counter medication.

If you don’t need a vasectomy, but are considering another elective surgery, speak with your doctor — you may be able to get in some quality tournament watching during your recovery.

March Madness will be here soon! Need a doctor? Click here to visit the Lakeshore Urology website.