We’re Putting Ideas into Motion in Northwest Indiana

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: April 5, 2013

Would you care to know how productive the Lifers can be? On Friday morning we had members from The Portage, Duneland, La Porte, and Michigan City Chambers of Commerce convene in our office for a meeting. The purpose of this meeting was to prosper. It was a collaboration of minds and businesses meant to better serve the communities around us.

“Everybody knows about what our mission is and what you’re doing in your respective areas,”Chris Mahlmann, Publisher and CEO of Ideas in Motion Media, said to the group. “We’re trying to promote business development, events, activities, and we’re celebrating the local businesses.”

So Malhmann along with the representatives from the different chambers discussed ways to improve their business relationships and increase community involvement and service. We know what we are capable of as a company, and the Chambers know what they can do, but what would happen if we partnered together? Answer: we could do more. Much more.

Brainstorming ensued.

“I’m glad that I’m here because I want to talk about the areas where it does make sense to work with you,”Paula Trout of the Michigan City Chamber of Commerce said optimistically.

A common goal is shared among the Chambers: procure more members. Knowing that each Chamber is different Mahlmann addressed each representative and asked what would help them as individual entities. Concerns and ideas were discussed, and progress is being had. As a social media enterprise, we can spread the word about them and reach audiences that may not have been reached before. We can highlight their events and community activities, the members, reveal moving and though-provoking stories and all the great positivity that flows in and out of each Chamber. On their end, the Chambers can spread the word about Ideas in Motion Media through their strong outlets and connections within the community. More people will know about us and what our goal is: finding Life and spreading the word of positivity everywhere.

“Any kind of buzz is great,”Heather Ennis of the Duneland Chamber of Commerce said. “And you guys talk about us a lot and share our stories about what we’re doing and it’s helpful. You do a good job of telling our story and the more we can have our story out there the better.”

Think about it: the things that could and will be accomplished with partnerships such as these between Ideas in Motion Media and each of the local chambers are many and marvelous. Reaching people in a larger area with a multi-faceted approach will shed light on positive events, bring forth awareness about important issues that was not there before, give positive attention to groups and individuals within the communities, amp up tourism, help businesses grow, and a lot more.

“We are looking forward to working with each chamber in the future and building our relationships with them and in turn both of our relationships with the community,”Jenny Craig, Executive Sales Assistant at Ideas in Motion Media said excitedly.

Get ready, Northwest Indiana, because great things are about to happen!

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Breakfast was provided by the hard working staff of Blackbird Cafe.