What Do You Enjoy on Sunday?

By: ValpoLife.com Last Updated: August 10, 2010

sundaySunday is a day of worship. Worship your faith, your family, your free time, the sun, some water, friends.... What are you going to really enjoy this Sunday?

Worship the Lord Jesus Christ!
Preston Urbahns

Worship with my church family @ Hope Lutheran :) then, the rest of the day with my kids.
Amy Doelling Osterhout

Having church with my family and a bbq! Can't wait.
David W. Ralph

Come to St. Paul's Catholic Church. Everyone is welcome and we have great coffee and donuts!
Deena M. Valade-Pidrak

Valpo Nazarene Church rocks! Great music, message & gourmet coffee shop, Anamoly. Get refilled and energized! 9:00 & 10:45
Ron 'n Pat Rhew

It is a day that we all can get up and decide to treasure something special in that day.

I second the Valpo Nazarene Church, but the 10:45, I have to run 18 to 22 miles first.
John Borman

Spend the day with my sister....whom I have not seen in 2 years...
Wendy Minniear Masters