What Would Memorial School Be Like Without Rules by: Emilia Fezatt grade 3

EmilyFezattWhen I go to Memorial school it is full of rules. They teach you to say please and thank you. Yes it is true that the rules keep us in shape, but I would like to know what this school would be like without that mumbo jumbo thing called rules.

Then one nice day I woke up to a different like world. So far everything was the same as usual: I got dressed, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and ate my breakfast. But then came the different part and when I say different I mean DIFFERENT. I got on the same old bus, but then I noticed that everybody around me was yelling and screaming without being yelled at by our mean and nasty bus driver Mrs. Catron. The even weirder part was that she was just driving the bus so calmly.

“What is happening to my life” I whined. This is so weird. But just wait it got worse. I got out of the unusual bus and was ready to go racing down the hall to my 3 grade classroom when I see that nobody is walking into their classrooms. As you know me, a well behaved girl, I still was walking to my classroom when my best friend Cassie stopped me.

“Emilia,” she said to me. “Look it is your dream come true, there are no rules!”

“REALLY?!” I screamed.

Then all of a sudden a loud announcement came through the intercom. It made me jump. No gym classes!!!!! But then I remembered that I had a science test after gym normally, but now heaven knows what was normal.

“What is it Emilia?” said Cassie.

“Oh I just remembered that we have the science quiz. No worries you can just cheat off of me or bring the book with you,” I said. “But that is against the – I cut myself off. Hey you are right.”

Then before I could go and get my science book, a raspy music came on. Tam the school bully was standing on the table in the cafeteria dancing. Then to my surprise Mr. Clayton started to throw balls of trash at the ground. I looked at the class schedule. I gasped. Mr. Clayton is supposed to be teaching 2nd graders.

I could not do it. I ran for my teacher Mrs. Coyle. She was standing in our class making a puzzle while trashing the floor with a big heap of junk that nobody knows how it got in there. I tried to get to my coat hook but they were filled with all the things that were against the rules. My normal hook has been covered by a big crate with a colossal dog in it.

There was a tag labeled "Rop", weird name I thought. I tried to go and call my mom on the telephone, but the wire had been cut. Then I thought about the best part came the reason why I even wanted this no rules policy. RECESS. So I decided to try to get out of the hallways.

Now I realized how come the grades had different recess schedules. So that people could have room to get out. After about a half an hour I got out. But this part was not the best it was the well, it was the worst. I tried to go and swing on the swings, but kids were climbing the chains. Kids from all grades were out on the playground without any adults doing bad things like ripping grass out, kicking people, throwing things at each other, and many more awful things.

Right now when you are reading this, you are thinking that you would never do these things, but trust me if you had this awful day you would be doing just that.


I sat up. Things started to take shape. I saw my teacher and my whole class staring at me. Emilia said my I had fainted. Wait, I remembered my class and my teacher are staring at me. There is not a single sound.

Thank you! Are you okay sweetie? Yes I guess so. When my teacher said that it was time for the science quiz I did not groan…. I said yahoo instead.

My teacher reminded us about something that I would cherish. No cheating. I laughed and for the first time in 4 years of being in school thought that I actually liked some rules, but not all.