When AMA Design and Print Taught Me the Science of Sticking Out

When AMA Design and Print Taught Me the Science of Sticking Out

Business cards are 500 years old. They were created as a way to send a message in an age when telephones and texts didn’t exist.

In a way, business cards still do send a message, which made me think about what kind of message mine was sending to others.

When you hand someone a business card, there’s a split-second of science that happens. The color, clarity, and design meet the eye; you feel the fit between your fingers; and in an instant a connection is solidified…

Or lost.

I never subscribed to the science of this before I went to AMA and Shad Harden handed me an almost quarter-inch thick, glossy stock AMA card that still, to this day, sits in my wallet.

“This one gets noticed,” Harden told me.

Indeed it does. I’ll be honest that rarely does the conversation of cards slip into my everyday life, but it does from time to time, and any time it does that is the card I show off. It’s so different than any card I have ever come across, so unique, that it can not help but to be noticed.

But the psychology of a better business card runs deeper than what that card means to another, there’s also the confidence they build in you; in the feeling you get when you know you’re handing a prospective client a better product than any other card anyone else is going to be handing out.

That’s what I noticed when Harden handed me his card, the pride and confidence in his product and the strength that was behind such a seemingly simple statement.

“This one gets noticed.”

It does, and AMA can do the same for you.