Whether planning finances or giving back, Oak Partners works for and alongside clients

Whether planning finances or giving back, Oak Partners works for and alongside clients

After its founding nearly 30 years ago Oak Partners now has almost 40-advisors and staff working for and supporting the firm’s thousands of client families.

“We are fortunate to have an incredible team, the tenure of our average employee is quite impressive.  Everyone is connected in some way. We are a big family,” said Director of Client Experience Crystal DeHaven.

This family works largely with well-established clients who have retirement on their minds but will take on anyone who wants to focus on building financial security and pursuing their goals. The main three ways Oak Partners pours into its clients to help them reach their goals are communication, ongoing service, and education.

“Our Oak Partners philosophy is aiming to maximize wealth over time for our clients without introducing undue risk. We do that by offering strategic and tactical asset allocation and providing a wide array of investment solutions,” DeHaven said.

Oak Partners communicates with clients on a regular basis through weekly market updates, quarterly newsletters, and making clients aware of portfolio changes. It services its clients with a different approach than most wealth management and financial planning companies. Rather than designate one advisor for one client, advisors often work together to ensure a client gets the best service possible.

This idea of making things a team effort is also reflected in its many client education and client engagement opportunities.

“In any given year, we might have 40 client events,” DeHaven said. “Half of those might be educational, where we're doing a market update and have an economist come in or our team is presenting on the economy. The other half is focused on simply enhancing relationships, and are typically purely social in nature. These allow us to get to know our clients on an even deeper personal level.”

“When you get to interact with clients in that setting, that allows you to really get to know them personally and find out what is important to them aside from their financial planning meetings. We love to hang out with our clients,” DeHaven continued.

With such a strong bond between advisors and clients, Oak Partners advisors will often work alongside clients to give back to the community. Many staff members are independently involved with nonprofits, but Oak Partners also has a yearly meeting to discuss how they can give back to the community.

From the annual Carmelite Home Toy Drive to the annual Opportunity Enterprises Shred Day, and last year’s Habitat for Humanity wall build at the Crown Point office, Oak Partners spearheads many fundraising events and service projects, inviting its clients to join.

“These events involve us and our clients. We team up whether that's to build walls or give to some incredible organizations, coming together to improve our community and give to those that are not as fortunate,” DeHaven said.

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