Who Has the Cutest Easter Pet Photo? Submit Your Picture Today!

By: Jessica Campbell Last Updated: April 11, 2017

Vale-Park-Cutest-Pet-Contest-2017_01On April 4, Vale Park Animal Hospital launched a fun, cute, and difficult to judge photo contest on their Facebook page, asking the community to submit their Cutest Easter Pet Photo!

Of the ones submitted already, there are dogs with Easter Bunny Ears, dogs getting their picture taken with the Easter Bunny, and some just posing in their Easter Sunday best. All animals all welcome into the contest.

To enter the contest, just head over to the Vale Park Animal Hospital Facebook page and submit a photo to their event: Cutest Easter Pet Photo Contest. You can also see the other animals dressed up for the win.

Vale-Park-Cutest-Pet-Contest-2017_02The last day to enter will be on April 15, and then the staff at Vale Park will have the tough time of choosing the prettiest pooch. The winner will be announced on April 18 and will receive a $50 gift certificate to Vale Park. The second place winner will get a $25 gift certificate.

As the photos come in, the staff at Vale Park are hanging them on the wall at the hospital for everyone to see and smile at!

Dress up your four-legged friend this Easter and have a laugh as they pose with a new set of ears.

For any questions, contact the Vale Park Animal Hospital at 219-462-5785.