Why Mousse the chocolate Labrador loves McAfee Animal Hospital

Why Mousse the chocolate Labrador loves McAfee Animal Hospital
By: Jacqueline Ridge Last Updated: March 7, 2019

Like all of Donna Soboleski’s dogs, Mousse, a chocolate Labrador, is more than just a pet. He is a part of the family. When Mousse suffered an injury while chewing on a bone that caused a nerve to be exposed, Soboleski was alarmed, but she knew where to take Mousse for the best care. For over two decades, Soboleski has turned to McAfee Animal Hospital to care for the health and well-being of her most beloved animals.

Soboleski’s search for a reliable fit for her animals’ care was not an easy one. With a big heart and a strong love for her dogs and rabbits, Soboleski needed a team that she could trust.

“We’ve been to quite a few, and [McAfee Animal Hospital] is the best,” Soboleski said. “It’s clean, the staff is awesome, and they take great care of our furbabies.”

Soboleski and her animals have formed a strong bond with Dr. Steve Violanti, a full partner at McAfee Animal Hospital, who places a strong emphasis on client relations.

“He’s the best vet that I’ve ever met in my whole life,” Soboleski said. “Dr. Steve is so honest, and he truly cares about our animals. He’s a great person, and I love getting to talk to him at each appointment. He’s just wonderful.”

While some dogs may dread going to the veterinary office, Mousse was always excited to see his friend, Dr. Steve. Even when Dr. Steve needed to use dental tools to correct his exposed nerve, Mousse still found a way to show his love and gratitude for his favorite veterinarian.

“When he was done, Mousse turned to him and gave him kisses,” Soboleski said. “He just absolutely loves Dr. Steve.”

With a long history of being pet owners, Soboleski has been through a wide range of experiences, personalities, and mishaps with her pets along the way. Coco, Soboleski’s youngest dog, has a reputation of being a bit ornery at times. When Coco needed a hip replacement, Soboleski once again turned to the McAfee Animal Hospital staff. The surgery was successful and uneventful, but when Coco returned home, things took an unexpected turn.

“I thought he was with my husband, and my husband thought he was with me,” Soboleski said of Coco. “When we found him, he had already pulled out 10 of his 13 staples.”

Though this gave quite a scare to Soboleski and her husband, Dr. Steve handled it with ease, fixing up Coco’s staples and sending her back home with her family to recover.

While many of her memories with the staff at McAfee Animal Hospital are positive ones, Soboleski has also had to experience what every dog-owner not only fears, but dreads: putting a beloved animal down. Her black Labrador, Jake, suffered from cancer. Disappointed with the care she received for Jake from other facilities, she turned to McAfee Animal Hospital, a place she could trust to make the last few moments with Jake as peaceful as possible.

“They let us take as long as we needed,” Soboleski said. “We got to sit and tell stories together of how wonderful Jakey was.”

Soboleski has cultivated a close relationship with the staff at McAfee Animal Hospital over the years, one that is grounded in excellent care for the entire family.

“They’re very open and very honest, and are very interested in what’s best for the animal” Soboleski said. “It is a very friendly place to be. We know a lot about their lives, and we all talk with each other. It very much has a family feel for a veterinary office, and they take excellent care of our pets. I cannot say enough nice things about them and about Dr. Steve.”

To learn more about McAfee Animal Hospital and Dr. Steve Violanti, please visit https://mcafeeah.com/.