Zao Island Gears Up for Another Summer of Music & Fun with 2018 Summer Concert Series!

Zao Island Gears Up for Another Summer of Music & Fun with 2018 Summer Concert Series!
By: Peter Krivas Last Updated: May 30, 2018

There will be no shortage of music-filled nights at Zao Island this summer, which will be packed with concerts and entertainment galore! The list of performers this summer include a whole host of local performers that are guaranteed to satisfy whatever musical craving you might have, as they cover a broad range of genres. 

The folks at Zao Island are happy to have the warm weather here to stay and to celebrate with the community, as they do every year, through their Summer Concert Series! 

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There isn't a weekend between now and September 1st that doesn't have a musical performance to entertain the masses, these performers include:

  • Working Class Zero
  • Chris and Lou
  • Planetary Blues
  • Steve Ball and Rocco
  • Reggae Express
  • Marco Villarreal
  • Head Honchos
  • Soul Shine
  • Sticky Scissors
  • The Rocco's
  • Caught on Cline
  • Terry Klema
  • Hard Knocks
  • Nick Kanzonis
  • Uncle Buck's Mojo Box
  • Waz
  • Howard and the White Boys
  • Marty Carr (Dou)
  • Smoothie
  • Generation Gap
  • Beth Newman

So come by, order a pizza, grab a drink, enjoy some arcade games, laser tag, mini golf, and more, and stick around for a free concert to help you and the family soak up the summer, every Friday and Saturday from 7-10pm! 

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