Specialty Tasting Dinners

Specialty Tasting Dinners

Event Information

11:36pm - 11:36pm

A 7-course dinner and a special sample drink paired with each of the courses.
With the liquors featured and paired in both the drinks and dishes.
Please call for more details or to make reservations today!

January- Holiday Tasting                             ​July- Vodka Tasting
February- Chocolate Lovers        August- Summer Fun Tasting
March- St. Patrick's Themed              September- Rum Tasting
April- Vodka Tasting                          October- Haunted Tasting
May- Tequila Tasting                             November- Taste of Fall
June- Whiskey Tasting                    December- Holiday Tasting

$60.00 per guest- Call for availability and details. Tax & Gratuity not included.
Available Anytime by Reservation! (must be made at least 2 days prior)

For more information, please visit https://bennettcurtis.weebly.com/tasting-dinners.html