A New Safe and Fun Hobby That Helps You Save

By: Contributor Last Updated: August 9, 2011

Purdue-ExtensionSafe, economical, fun – Home Canning is a growing trend in homes across the nation. Whether you enjoy preserving quality fruits, vegetables, jams, or other food items, home canning is a fun way for your family and friends to enjoy the freshness and quality of your favorite foods all year round! In addition to providing your family with safe, delicious, naturally preserved foods, canning will also save you a few dollars at the grocery store.

To learn more about this fulfilling experience, please join us at Sunset Hill County Park in the Interpretive Center as we discover the simplicity of canning tomatoes. Sessions will be held at 6pm on 8/16, 10am on 8/17, and 1pm on 8/18. Come learn how to properly can food items using the Hot Water Bath Method, your pressure canner dial gauges tested on the spot, and have all your canning questions answered by our HHS educator, Annetta Jones. The So Easy To Preserve book will also be available for purchase at the session. There is no cost to attend and this course is open to the public. Please pre-register at the Purdue Extension office at 465-3555 by Aug 15. For more info on food preservations, please visit www.ag.purdue.edu/counties/porter or contact your local Purdue Extension office.