NWITweetup Returns to Celebrate Social Media Day

By: Brett Fuller Last Updated: June 17, 2013

nwi-tweetup-feb-2013-1The NWITweetup will be celebrating Social Media Day on June 30th at Valpo Velvet for a special Ice Cream Social!

The social media-minded networking group will be chilling out and putting on their monthly get-together, talking tech, social media, and anything else (usually everything else) from 6pm until 8pm at "the Shoppe" with some great check-in specials and discounts on delectables. We'll also be having our traditional photo contest, where if you use one of our apps to share a photo, you'll be entered to win free tickets to the Portage 16 IMAX!

More information is available on the NWITweetup website, and be sure to follow the crew on Facebook and Twitter for more information on this event and future events!