Porter County Pawlooza to Raise Money for the Porter County Animal Rescue Team

Porter_County_Pawlooza-1Porter County Pawlooza is a fund raiser for a team of rescue groups collectively known as Porter County Animal Rescue Team. The team consists of Porter County Animal Shelter (represented by Kids Power), Castaway Critters, and Moraine Ridge Wildlife Rescue. It's not just a fund raiser! It's a game where you could win cash and other prizes!

How does the event work?
Businesses purchase animal statues from PCART. They decorate those statues and display them in their place of business (or other businesses). The public comes to view them during the months of June, July, & August 2015. They obtain a code from the legs of the animal statues they visit. They write the codes on their code sheet and turn in the sheet once they have obtained at least 80% of them. (A code sheet is the paper listing the addresses of participating businesses for people to visit and write the code from the statues in the boxes.) When they mail their code sheets in, they are entered into a drawing for cash prizes and other prizes. They are also able to vote for their favorite statue. For a fee, the public may also vote online without having to obtain any codes. On August 29, 2015, (from 11-3) there will be a big Pawlooza Festival to wind up the event. At the Pawlooza Festival, awards will be presented to businesses with the most votes and the drawings for prizes will take place.

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