Realty Executives Premier Accolades Come From Strong Company Culture

Realty Executives Premier Accolades Come From Strong Company Culture

Realty Executives Premier recently celebrated a strong series of wins at the 2016 Realty Executives Great Lakes Region Awards Dinner. Celebrating the successes of all the collective Realty Executive offices in the Great Lakes area, Valparaiso's own Realty Execs branch took home several prestigious awards standing as a testament to the hard work that their agents being to their community on a daily basis.

The team at Realty Execs brought home the "Office of the Year Award" for a second time in a row. Agent Jason Utesch won the award for "Top Solo" agent in the region and the Karl Wehle team consisting of agents Karl Wehle, Angie Shirley, Lauren Long Piazza and Nathan Banga came in third place for best real estate team in the region.

'We are extremely proud of the awards we have won and what our team members have achieved," says Realty Executives Premier Owner Mike Tezak. "Everyone who works here brings an incredible amount of success to the company."

For Realty Execs, it's been an incredibly strong year of forward momentum and strong success and according to Realty Executive Premier Owner Pam Tezak, this has everything to do with the culture that permeates every aspect of the company.

RealtyExecsawards2"Success breeds success," says Pam. "Everyone here wants to see someone succeed. They are all incredibly competitive and driven to succeed but everyone is willing to help others here find the success that brings awards every year."

This commitment to bring success to both the company and the agents who work there comes from not only a desire to help others, but to ensure that they are given the best path to achieve success.

"We know our agents are successful," says Pam. "However, we are looking at how we can take everyone's success to the next level. We have come to understand that success means something different to each person. Not everyone wants to produce million dollar sales. We want to figure out how to get them to their own goals."

RealtyExecsawards3This is consistent with Realty Executive's plan to improve and expand numerous aspects of the company for the 2016 year. This comes through Mike taking the time to talk with every agent to find out their personal goals and plans for success.

"I plan on taking the time to sit down with every agent here and give them a one on one talk," says Mike. I want to know everything. What they are doing right, what they feel needs improvement, and what they hope to achieve."

This hands-on approach to working with other agents have been a strong part of what makes Realty Executives Premier a headquarters for success and strong achievements.

"The biggest mistake that businesses make is not being able to let go of the past," says Mike. "I want to continue becoming an environment that leads to success. I don't want to become a company that becomes old and stale."

"We have always taken pride in our successes and have enjoyed the fact that we can do this as a relatively small company," says Pam. "Even to this day, Mike is very hands on with everything. He cuts the checks himself, he answers phone calls and emails all night. He is always on and always giving his all to Realty Execs."