Simulation Dolls Help Prepare Franciscan St. Anthony Health OB Nurses for Real-Life Emergencies

By: Franciscan Health Last Updated: June 11, 2013

Simulation-OB-Doll-1In an effort to demonstrate Franciscan St. Anthony Health – Crown Point’s commitment to patient safety, the Obstetrics Unit, led by director Kathy Podorsek, recently acquired labor and delivery Gaumard-brand Noelle (mother) and Hal (baby) simulation dolls, along with two fetus replicas, to allow nurses to practice real-life-type scenarios to better prepare them for routine, complicated and emergency delivery situations, and to treat newborns in need of the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit’s services.

The dolls perform numerous lifelike functions to help enhance training. Nurses Christie Demo, Jaimie Arcella and Amber Kirrin, unit clinical educator; received training from a company representative and now lead hospital sessions.

Simulation-OB-Doll-2The equipment can simulate any obstetrics or newborn emergency, or normal delivery. It is especially useful for new nurses who can practice emergencies before they are in them,” Podorsek said.

From left, NICU nurses Angel Chapman, Lynn Krysinski and Katie Joseforsky treat Hal, (top photo) while nurses Gladys McPheron and Laurie Howard minister to Noelle. (bottom photo)

All of the Obstetrics and NICU units’ approximately 100 nurses are receiving the training.