The Mudathlon is Much More Fun Than Sitting Inside and Playing Video Games

By: Alex Vaughn Last Updated: July 22, 2013

Mudathlon-2013-alex-vaughThe Mudathlon is an awesome 3-mile obstacle course and a ¼ mile kids fun run. Everyone wins a medal for doing the 40 obstacle 5K or the 10 obstacle 1/4 mile fun run! Once you complete the last obstacle you are an official “MUDATHLETE”. The Mudathlon is a great race for team work. My dad participated in a team called “the Duneland Dirt”. He would stay with the team and help them over obstacles and helped them finish strong. I participated in the ¼ mile fun run with my little brother, Brock. We did 10 obstacles and got really muddy.

The Mudathlon is a race so I raced my friends (in the photograph on the right). Running the race without losing a shoe is great (as you have to finish through a huge mud pit), but finishing with a pose for the cameraman in your muddy glory with your team is awesome.

I would encourage everyone to try this fun event next year when the race returns. The adults all received medals, shirts, and food/drink coupon for participating and the kids receive medal and a bandana for participating in the fun run. This is a great opportunity to listen to good music, enjoy the company of others, test your abilities, develop teamwork, and make new friends. The Mudathlon is also much more fun than sitting inside and playing video games.

Submitted by Alex Vaughn (age 12), 7th Grader at Chesterton Middle School

{valpo}Click here to see photos from the 2013 NWI Mudathlon!{/valpo}{portage}Click here to see photos from the 2013 NWI Mudathlon!{/portage}{laporte}Click here to see photos from the 2013 NWI Mudathlon!{/laporte}{nwindiana}Click here to see photos from the 2013 NWI Mudathlon!{/nwindiana}