Top 10 health articles on Valpo.Life in 2021

Top 10 health articles on Valpo.Life in 2021
By: Allison Tunstall, Aubrey Thomson, Gena Demuth, Grace Bentkowski, Peyton Mahlmann Last Updated: December 22, 2021

If there is anything that the previous year taught us, it’s the importance of prioritizing both personal and community health and wellbeing. Those many lessons of 2020 helped to foster a ton of growth and development in regards to the health of the Region throughout 2021. 

We summarized the best of health articles from 2021 for you to look through, commemorate, or maybe learn something you hadn’t already known about your own community. Whether it was the development of life-saving vaccines, the opening of new clinics, sharing of knowledge to better one another, or spotlighting the incredible employees who put others before themselves time and time again, there was plenty of good to share.

In no particular order, here are the top 10 health articles from Valpo.Life in 2021:

Franciscan Health ready to vaccinate those age 80 and over for COVID-19; scheduled appointment required

As the State of Indiana moves to Phase 1-B of its vaccine rollout, senior citizens age 80 and over can now make appointments to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Appointments can be scheduled through the state’s website at or by calling 2-1-1. Franciscan Health hospitals in Crown Point, Hammond and Michigan City are among the sites in Northwest Indiana that people can choose from to receive the vaccine.

Tips on how to ensure a good night of sleep for your child

Sleep is a powerful thing. To be at our best each day and live healthy, happy lives, committing to healthy sleep habits is crucial—and it is never too early to start. Knowing their sleep needs and sticking to a regular schedule ensure that children will have a healthy relationship with sleep that will carry over into their adulthood. 

A Northwest Health – Porter Employee Spotlight: Elizabeth Jacobs Young

From a young age, Elizabeth Jacobs Young, Director of Invasive Cardiology at Northwest Health - Porter, has been attentively lending a hand to others in need of care. Her experience with nursing duties stems back to before she even reached working age.

Vale Park Animal Hospital opens its doors for an all-access tour and celebration

A pandemic may have delayed a grand opening celebration for Vale Park Animal Hospital, but in no way did it take away from the love that Vale Park staff and volunteers have for the community. As a show of appreciation, Vale Park opened its doors and gave an all-access tour of the facility. Additionally, there were games, activities, prizes, and food giveaways.

Porter-Starke Services to host virtual symposium with Scott D. Miller, Ph.D. to educate, celebrate, and advocate for mental health

For their 2021 Living Health, Balance, & Hope Symposium, to be held on Thursday, May 20 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Porter-Starke Services Foundation is thrilled to be welcoming Scott D. Miller, Ph.D. Though this year’s event will be virtual, the experience that will be gained from those who attend will be no different than years past.

McAfee Animal Hospital provides education on spaying and neutering procedures

The decision of spaying or neutering a pet can be tough, taking into account the procedure, cost, and recovery, as well as pros and cons to the surgery. Without the proper education on both procedures, it’s easier to forgo them. McAfee Animal Hospital prides itself on providing this information to the families of possible patients. 

Emily Grace of Midwest Express Clinic thrives in new, family-oriented environment

When Emily Grace, Physician Assistant (PA) at Midwest Express Clinic, began her career five years ago, she first worked in an emergency department, an area of the medical field with a fast-paced, but intense atmosphere. But after two years, Grace made her transition to working in urgent care and has since thrived in a new, connection-focused environment.

Nurses and frontline healthcare workers rally through pandemic drawing support, strength, and smiles from each other

When the COVID-19 pandemic anchored in the USA last March, nurses and frontline healthcare workers found themselves dealing with new precautions, procedures, exhaustion, and fear of the unknown. As the rest of the nation, Community Healthcare System nurses and healthcare professionals came together with a common goal: to save as many lives as possible. To get through it all, they found that they could count on one another.

StoryPoint Chesterton discusses their labor of love: delivering meals and necessities to homebound seniors throughout the pandemic

Although many people and groups in our communities have been unfortunately impacted by the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is one group that has been in special need of our attention. Many homebound seniors in Northwest Indiana were left without company, food, and other basic necessities when social distancing and staying home to protect the most vulnerable was enacted. This is where StoryPoint Chesterton’s quest began.

Community Healthcare System’s Dr. Keith Atassi shares heart health tips

While many people may not think about their heart health on a daily basis, there are steps that can be taken every day to improve it. As February is American Heart Month, Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Keith Atassi from Community Healthcare System would like to share tips on how to care for the organ that keeps your blood pumping and your body moving.