1st Source Bank Introduces CardValet: Your Debit Card On Your Terms

1st Source Bank Introduces CardValet: Your Debit Card On Your Terms
By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: March 1, 2017

With 1st Source Bank’s new CardValet, you can save time and rest easy. As an app for smartphones, it can help you to avoid fraud, stick to your budget, control where your 1st Source Resource® Plus Debit Card is used and more.

It’s easy too – simply download the CardValet® app for free on Apple® or Android™ devices, enter your card information and you’re set up for control of your card.

“We have a catchy little phrase that we’ve been using internally that is, ‘This app allows you to control the card in your wallet with the phone in your pocket,’” said Derek Hayes, 1st Source Bank’s Card and Payments Manager.

CardValet allows you to control a wide range of aspects about your card instantly from your smartphone. You decide when, where and how you want your debit card to be used.

“With CardValet, a customer can set up customized settings for their debit card so they can get alerts for any type of transactions they want, whether it’s all transactions, purchases at a specific merchant, those made internationally and location based,” explained Hayes.

“You can turn the card off and on which gives the customer control to prevent any fraud on their card if they’re traveling in an area that they’re worried about or if they want to be extra diligent and make sure nothing takes place on their card that they did not authorize,” Hayes added.

That means that CardValet is one of the best ways to safeguard your debit card from fraud.

“This is also a great way for parents to be able to control spending by their children,” said Hayes. ”It’s another nice feature.” Another CardValet control, similar to alerts, is that customers are able to set geographic locations in which you are able to use your debit card.

“This is a neat app that allows the customer to take control of their card. I think it differentiates 1st Source from the rest of the market by giving enhanced protections and customizable settings to our customers,” said Hayes. “It goes back to our mantra of being distinctly convenient and to obviously keep the customers’ best interest in mind by helping them to take control of spending, and where their card gets used.”

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