#1StudentNWI – a perspective on travel to Cancun, Mexico

#1StudentNWI – a perspective on travel to Cancun, Mexico

We all know that Valparaiso is a great place to live, but there is a whole world out there to explore. My family recently traveled to Cancun, Mexico with some family friends. The trip was filled with exciting adventures. 

Our group stayed at the Riviera Maya Resort, Barcelo. Throughout the week, we visited a couple of places and attractions, but because our group wasn’t completely prepared for the humidity and heat of the Riviera Maya, we mostly swam in a pool nearby our hotel rooms. However, there was plenty of fun in the sun as we also went to the beach.

Our hotel in Mexico was spacious with multiple pools and activities to do. But because we had such a tiring day traveling across two countries, we decided that one pool would be enough for the day. So on the first day, we changed our clothes, went down to the closest pool by our rooms, and hung out in the water until lunchtime.

The rest of the day was filled with a buffet lunch and more swimming.  

Later in the week we went to a water park called Xel-ha, and the Mayan ruins in Tulum. The Mayan ruins were beautiful. Our guide provided many facts about the ruins of Tulum. For instance, the people who lived there would have a hole in the base of their houses where they would store their deceased family members, sort of like a personalized catacomb for each family. As our group walked around, we saw many examples of what different types of Mayan houses looked like before they became ruins. Back at the shopping center where the tour started, there were people in traditional Mayan headdresses and clothing. Some were in the middle of the square, some were playing instruments, and others walked around trying to sell photo opportunities to tourists. Soon though, we had to head back to Xel Ha.  

Xel Ha is a natural water park. The pools are self-forming and connect with the sea. Our group thought it was the highlight of our trip. When we first got a full view of the park, it was magnificent. We all decided to drift down the river in inner tubes. The water was cool but comforting on the hot day. The stream was only big enough to fit two people comfortably spaced without bumping into each other or the vines that hung over the sides of the river.

Along the river, we did some activities. The boys of our group, which consisted of my brother, my father, and one of his friends, decided to take a daring leap into the waters off of a 20+ foot cliff. We managed to record the boys leaping off of the cliff. I wish that I’d done it! 

Further down the river were more attractions. I decided to try zip-lining into the water. The experience was exhilarating and very fun. I went again! About two hours later, we went snorkeling. The water was teeming with marine life of different colors and types. It was hard to count them all.

Overall, our vacation was fantastic. It was filled with adventures yet we got to relax and be free of any worry, which was amazing.  I would definitely go there again.