#1StudentNWI: April’s Amazing Activities at Valpo High School

April Antics

Adolescence is one of the most important periods in a person’s life. High school especially is where you step outside of your comfort zone to find out who you are. This year, the Drama Club brought together people of all talents to put on a show that definitely did not disappoint. NO ONE could tell whether or not these students were nervous about stepping out of their comfort zones because everyone was astonishing.

This year’s theme was The Bachelor and the lucky stud searching for a soulmate was Carter Dahlgren- who’s favorite part about April Antics this year was “meeting new people and having fun.”

In the midst of dozens of people showing off their incredible gifts, this bachelor found the love of his life and the audience loved every minute.

Camille Thiros said that “it was great seeing all the talent that VHS has” and I couldn’t agree more. Our high school has people with all sorts of amazing abilities: acting, dancing (even hula-hoop dancing!), singing, playing instruments, and more... and I, as well as the rest of Valpo, can’t wait to see what next year’s show has to offer.

Honors Art Show

Alongside the amazing physical talents at our school, VHS is proud to have students with incredible artistic talents. In April, AP and IB art students held the Honors Art Show, and people from all over NWI came to support beautiful works that were showcased.

“Art brings people closer together by giving us all something to relate to. In other words, art can be very emotional and symbolic, therefore nearly everyone can find a piece that they feel brings an understanding to their life,” says sophomore Emily Miltenberger.

The show saw so much success in that everyone found an artist to relate to, and every artist found a person they made an impact on.

Earth Awareness Club: Earth Day-4/22/15

Think about the last time you decided to “Go Green.” At the supermarket did you choose locally produced vegetables or exported goods? This morning, did you recycle your coffee cup or throw it in the trash can? Well, while I’m sure not all of us take into consideration every little thing we do that harms Mother Nature, members of the Earth Awareness Club do.

On Earth Day, the Earth Awareness Club promoted an activity that would help students change the world.

“Through the "recycling initiative" we (EAC) wanted to provide students with more recycling options during lunch, and also help to inform students of what can versus can't be recycled.

Additionally, we wanted students to think about how much they are really throwing away and hopefully encourage them to make some changes,” said the wonderful Mrs. Lee, an environmental Science teacher here at VHS.

Not only did the EAC help Earth on Earth Day, but they help our world EVERY WEEK.

“EAC in general runs the weekly classroom recycling. Every Thursday after school, student volunteers move throughout the entire school and pick up all of the small recycling bins in teacher classrooms. They then transfer the recyclables to larger rolling bins and place those near a school exit so that the city recycling trucks can pick it all up,” Mrs. Lee explained.

EAC, you’re a real inspiration to some of us who just don’t give second thoughts about our actions, so thanks Mrs. Lee for overseeing the club and thanks for making a genuine difference :)


JV girls Tennis has been seeing some amazing victories this year. Ever since late May, the athletes have been working hard and thus have been UNDEFEATED at every DAC match.

When asked how tennis has made an impact on her, Hannah Kearney says, “Being on this team has taught me how to work together with others, how to have a positive attitude, and how to plan ahead for every shot.”

Lexi Lahey shares her opinion by saying, “Tennis has definitely had a positive impact on me. I love meeting more people that have a passion for the sport that I’ve come to love (pun intended).”

So it can be seen that through optimism and a group that’s more like family than a team, anything is possible. Keep it up Lady Vikes!

Alongside girls tennis is boy’s golf. The varsity team has been working under strange weather conditions for the past month, and their hard work is showing off. With a 6-2 record thus far, coaches are very proud. Senior Brandon Hamill says, “My favorite part of golf is the bond that we have as a team. They’re like my brothers. Every day, no matter what happens, is always good because we are able to still joke around and have a good time.”

PROM is right next door :)

February may be a month of love and roses, but March is the month that matters most to some, almost ALL high school upperclassmen. Why? Well it’s prom season, of course!!

Throughout April, promposals have been a daily occurrence. While after high school, many people dream of the perfect wedding, in high school, many people dream of the perfect prom, and some promposals have been the START of the perfect night.

Whether its debate puns, The Office humor, clever slogans, or athletic innuendos, no proposal has disappointed and NO ONE can wait to see everyone’s beauty and happiness on the dance floor.