A Valpo Life In The Spotlight: Audrey Krooswyk

A Valpo Life In The Spotlight: Audrey Krooswyk

Audrey Krooswyk is somewhat of a magician. She is a mother of three, nurse, office administrator, and humanitarian. There is magic in the way she balances it all, while making the world a better place.

“I run on lots of lists, coffee, and a ton of prayers,” she said.

Krooswyk signed up for nursing school with her 4-month-old daughter in her arms. Nursing was an opportunity to care for others, beyond her role as a mom. She chose Ivy Tech’s two-year program with the support of her husband, Mike, and an amazing babysitter.

Throughout her five-year career, Krooswyk has witnessed birth, and even a last breath, and loves the mix of science and faith. She is the nurse that is in your corner, explaining everything while holding your hand.

“I enjoy showing kindness and compassion,” Krooswyk said. “Sickness is a vulnerable time, and I love being there to share a smile and encouragement.”

Krooswyk completed her bachelor’s in nursing in the summer, and is now at the hospital one day a week, often picking up extra shifts. She feels like her nursing schedule is just enough to get out into the community and help others, while juggling her other commitments.

“Sometimes I feel like a squirrel running from one activity to the next,” Krooswyk said. “But I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Krooswyk also is an office administrator at Regional Plumbing & Heating, her family’s business. She stepped in to help when a secretary moved on, and discovered a talent for accounting and bookkeeping. Her position has grown, and Krooswyk enjoys the flexibility. Being office administrator allows her to collect the kids after school, and volunteer at church.

Faith is important to Krooswyk and she believes that she can do anything through the grace of God. In fact, the word “grace” is tattooed on her wrist, serving as a daily reminder to extend that grace to others. She is a devout member of Calvary Church of Valparaiso, and serves in the children’s ministry on Sundays.

Krooswyk’s children help her volunteer at the church and in the community as well. She discovered that they inherited her huge heart, and are passionate about helping.

“Our kids are amazing,” Krooswyk said. “We think it’s so important to teach them to be kind and generous and get excited about the joy of giving.”

Krooswyk’s compassion is felt locally, and stretches all the way around the world. In the fall, she went on a nine-day medical mission to Haiti. A group of nurses and Krooswyk set up walk-in clinics and saw more than 750 people of all ages. They performed physicals, distributed mediations, and taught. Krooswyk was surprised to learn that almost all of the patients she saw did not know their birthdates. It proved to her that the focus was on survival, not on themselves. Even though there was a translator, some things transcend language. For Krooswyk, the little girls who played with her ponytail, the gigantic smiles, and the holding of hands, spoke volumes.

“Haiti was a beautiful experience,” Krooswyk said. “It lit a fire that we must learn about, go and serve, and do more to care for all people.”