B&G Sealcoating Provides Quality, Reliability to Job on a Driveway in Need

B&G Sealcoating Provides Quality, Reliability to Job on a Driveway in Need

I had been meaning to get some people out to my house to work on re-sealing our driveway, as with the predictably unpredictable weather in Northwest Indiana, my blacktop has been ravaged by the weather.

For a long time, I didn't call. It was too expensive to re-pave the whole thing. It’d take too much time to reseal myself. I had seen other driveways resealed, and was concerned that the guy who drives by in a pickup truck and with a giant bucket of hot black product wouldn't last.

Finally, upon word from a good friend of mine, I called B&G Sealcoating out of Valparaiso. I could not be happier.

They worked with me and didn't oversell me on what was required to get my driveway up and running again. They could have told me I needed a full overhaul, but they instead insisted on keeping it intact through the right combination of patch, crack fillers, and the final seal.

bgsealcoatingmahlmann5They were reputable, on-time, and the whole process took less than a day, which surprised me with how methodical they were in planning and implementing.

The best part is that I feel confident in their work. Usually, when temperatures are as hot as they have been, blacktop patches can get soft, let water in, and form cracks once the night comes and the air cools. Not with B&G. The material they used is resilient to heat and is stronger than most blacktop surfaces.

If you need sealcoating at all, call Benita at B&G Sealcoating at 219-465-5141 today or visit them online. They will work with you to provide a service you can be confident and happy about!

They have been doing this for so many years, in both commercial and residential settings, that they have seen the problems caused when the quality of the product used is not up to their standards. Patches can fall apart, cracks pop right back open, and the customer can be spending a lot for what is not much more than a coat of paint.

The products B&G Sealcoating use cost much more, and the would save money if they dilute the concentration down as some companies do, but they want to build a customer relationship for the long term, and that depends on them bringing the right experience and know-how to do the job right, and that has made them successful.