Be Wise, Immunize: Vaccinate to Protect

Be-Wise-ImmunizeVaccines help prevent dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases. Family Medicine physician Candice Yu-Fleming, M.D., suggests now is the perfect time to remind family, friends, and co-workers to get caught up on these important immunizations.

Q. I’m a really healthy person who rarely gets sick, but others depend on me as a caregiver. Should I be getting vaccinated to protect them?

A. Absolutely. When family members and caregivers get vaccinated, they are not only protecting their own health; they are also providing protection for vulnerable children and other loved ones. For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that about 80 percent of dangerous whooping cough cases in infants are the result of a family member exposing the child to the disease. Check with your doctor to learn which vaccinations are appropriate to protect yourself and your loved ones.