Calvary Link: Is Hell Real?

By: Calvary Church Last Updated: April 3, 2013

calvary-link-headerWhat a weekend we had last week! Thank you to all our volunteers--from those who helped people find seats, greeted worshippers as they entered, held a baby in the nursery, worked on our tech team, played an instrument, served coffee, or worked as parking attendants--you guys are awesome. It was my joy to preach the good news in three services on Sunday, as approximately 1500 worshippers gathered on our campus Sunday morning. How blessed we were by the testimony of HOPE, and the vertical worship led by our team.

Speaking of three services--we need your help. Our elders want to hear from you! If you attend Calvary (even infrequently) would you please take 5 minutes and fill out an on-line survey to assist us in planning a third service for this fall? Your input will help our elders and staff make good decisions.

Last week we heard the good news. But what about that bad news? What about the 'other place'? I have asked Dr. Michael Wittmer, professor of theology at Cornerstone University (Grand Rapids) to speak to us this Sunday on the question of the final state of the lost. Dr. Wittmer's recent book on the topic is thought-provoking--and helpful for the modern church. We will most certainly be blessed--and challenged. You will also be able to meet Professor Wittmer during our HangTime Gathering in the gymnasium after both worship services.

For Your Joy,


What's new at Calvary...

HangTime Gathering
This Sunday morning, 4.7, Calvary Church will again hold our new community initiative—HangTime! The gym will be outfitted for mingling with old friends and meeting new ones. Come by after the worship services for a snack and a cup of coffee with your church family.

Concert at Calvary
All The People Tour with Matt Maher, Chris August, and Bellarive is coming to Calvary Church on Friday, 4.26! Tickets are on sale at the Info Desk this Sunday for $16.50 ($10 for groups of ten or more).

Miscellanies Blog
The Easter 2013 celebration is over, but our hope remains! Calvary spent Easter morning celebrating Real Hope Now and Forever. Whether you missed our Easter service while traveling or you just want a second look at the sermon, take a few moments to delve into God's promises of forgiveness, transformation, and eternity on Pastor Lionel's blog. There will be pie!

Lectio Divina
Ancient Israel had a mandate to pass their stories and customs to the next generation, to teach their children about God. They didn't always fulfill that directive, but where they failed, God was faithful. Scripture is filled with stories--good and bad--that teach. Want to know who God is? What He thinks? How He acts? The answers are here in His interactions with the people He loves. This week, we're taking a hard look at the Israel's oh-so-fallible heroes, the Judges. Up ahead is the devoted servant Ruth and the venerable prophet Samuel. Don't miss a day of Lectio Divina!

Student Ministries
Reliant High School Students are invited to join us for the Fusion Conference this Friday, 4.5 and 4.6 at Indiana Wesleyan University. Hear from David Crowder, Brandon Grissom Band, Sharon Irving (spoken word artist) and others. Students should bring a sleeping bag, pillow, Bible, personal items, towel, gym shoes, alarm clock, $60 and spending money for the event. We'll leave the church at 3:30p on Friday.

On Saturday, 4.11 & 4.12, students can travel with us for Dare 2 Share in the Windy City of Chicago to hear speakers and learn how to be a witness for Christ. For more info about this event contact Mike Bryant.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students unite to do the Famine. They learn about hunger, raise funds to help the hungry, and then go hungry themselves. This year’s 30 Hour Famine will be held at the Valparaiso Nazarene Church on Friday, 4.19 & 20.

Men's Ministries
The Band of Brothers Monthly Social is tomorrow night, 4.4 at Buffalo Wild Wings. The time together is casual, enjoying good food, drink, and discussion. Starting at 7p, the evening is open to all men of Calvary Church, their friends, and guests.

The Duneland Softball League is getting started - All players are welcome. The games are played on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, with make up games played on Thursdays & Fridays. Contact Dean Hemmersback with questions or to sign-up.

Coffee With The Pastors
Calvary guests are invited to join us on Sunday, 5.5 from 6:30-8p at Cornucopia Coffee Company. Learn about Calvary’s values and vision, and take the opportunity to ask questions of the pastoral staff in a casual environment. We would love to meet you! RSVP online or at the Info Desk on Sunday.

Catalyst Membership Class
Is the Lord leading you to make Calvary your church home? Then we would encourage you to consider church membership. You are invited to learn more about our history, values, and ways to get “plugged in” on Saturday, 5.18 from 8a-12p. CLICK HERE to register.

Job Opening
Calvary Church is searching for someone to fill the position of Facility Manager. The position includes providing both custodial care and management of overall maintenance for the facility, grounds, and equipment at the church. CLICK HERE for further details!