Centier Bank provides quality service to community during COVID-19 with mobile and online banking

Centier Bank provides quality service to community during COVID-19 with mobile and online banking

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and corporations around the country had to adapt quickly and efficiently, with many moving to a remote workforce. For many essential businesses, however, the need to provide the same level of quality service to the community--despite the hardships--meant they needed to work even harder. Centier Bank was one of these essential businesses, one that quickly adapted and used its mobile and online banking to its advantage.

Before shelter-in-place was enforced, Centier Bank provided a robust mobile and online banking system, allowing clients to remotely access their accounts, transfer funds, and an array of other banking services, which became even more vital to those who worried about going to the bank during the pandemic.

“Centier Bank already had digital banking services prior to the pandemic, but we relied heavily on driving clients to those platforms when we had to close our branch lobbies. Our system supports viewing account activity and transfers, as well as mobile deposits of checks. Our ATMs allow both cash and check deposits. We also have night drops for both personal and business use,” said Pia Parrott, Branch Manager of Centier Bank Michigan City.

Centier Bank, like many businesses, had to limit lobby service in mid-March creating a new challenge for clients who still needed to meet with bankers to discuss certain needs.

“When we made our lobbies appointment-only to the public, we saw clients’ needs to be able to schedule visits virtually,” Parrott said. “Centier’s online banking and technology team jumped in and made online scheduling available to clients in a very short time, and it has been incredibly successful and an added convenience to those who are still limiting their trips outside the home during the pandemic.”

“The booking system was implemented in July so that clients can go online to www.centier.com and book an appointment with a banker to discuss their banking needs,” said Rochella Neely, Branch Manager for Centier Bank Highland. “The client selects a location, the nature of the appointment, and a date and time that is convenient for them. An email is sent to the associate notifying them of the appointment. This is a great option to ensure we can continue to meet the needs of our clients and do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19.”

This added feature to mobile and online banking has shown to be successful in Centier Bank locations across the state. With families, individuals, and other small businesses struggling due to the economic impacts of the pandemic, providing clients the chance to speak with a banker was an important addition to Centier Bank’s services.

“The Highland branch had the opportunity to assist some of the Small Business clients with the process of applying for their Paycheck Protection Program Loans to help them weather the storm of the pandemic,” Neely said. “We even supported our local restaurants by ordering lunch to go while their dining areas were closed. These were some of the ways the Highland branch was able to continue to support our clients, build relationships, and continue to support our community.”

Despite having to adapt quickly, Centier Bank’s role in the community stayed consistent.

“Now more than ever, we strive to be the trusted financial partner in the communities we serve. We reach out to clients, non-clients, businesses to see how we can help,” Parrot said. “Some of the ways we helped by were processing PPP loan applications, helping clients with assistance programs, supporting local restaurants, assisting those who had lost jobs with budgeting tips, and even donating food to local food banks.”

“The Centier way is to be there rolling up our sleeves and doing whatever needs to be done,” Parrott said. “As a true community bank, it’s part of our very fabric to jump in and care for our communities, as well as our clients.”

For more information about Centier Bank’s mobile and online banking, visit their website at https://www.centier.com/personal-banking/online-and-mobile-banking/.