Creativity is Blooming at Arts-A-Budding

The 39th annual Porter County Arts-A-Budding student art show opening award reception was held on Sunday afternoon at Valparaiso University. Many young artists were recognized at this special event. It's a great things to see such talents in the spotlight. These kids will be our architects, graphic designers, teachers, animators, visionaries and leaders someday.

Porter County Arts-A-Budding is an exhibit of the best artwork produced by students in grades 1-8 throughout Porter County. During the past year, Visual Arts Teachers chose the best artwork that their students created. The pieces, which ranged from drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, computer graphics, printmaking, and fiber art were set on display at VU's Chapel of the Resurrection on the first day of March.

"The teachers select 11 artworks to display at the exhibit," Heather Schulz, Art-a-Budding Co-Chair and teacher at Fegely Middle School, said. "Judging has already taken place so this is the awards ceremony. This is all done to encourage kids to continue loving art and give them some acknowledgment and share their talents with the entire county."

The Chapel was filled with proud families and heart-felt applause was given as each child was named. Cameras clicked and flashed as moment and memories were captured.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Porter County Arts Commission in cooperation and the Bauer Museum of Art at Valparaiso University, this program exists.

"This brings people from all over Porter County to see the artwork that is made from Kindergarten through 8th grade and it helps everyone remember how important art is in education," Paige Hart, the other Co-Chair for Arts-A-Budding and a teacher at Fegely Middle School, said. "This is a chance for children who mostly excel in art feel special for the day."

The arts are just as important as any other educational subject as they help children to express themselves in a multitude of ways, they promote creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, they improve academic achievement, they promote culture awareness and appreciation and the arts can be understood all over the world.

So support the arts!

If you haven't seen the exhibit yet there are still a few days left as it ends on March 11, 2014.

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