Festival-Goers Made Hay While the Sun Shined at 2014 Summer Jam Music & Food Festival

This rain filled summer just wouldn't let up for the Summer Jam Music & Food Festival at Valparaiso’s Central Park Plaza. That didn’t stop music lovers alike from having some fun at Central Park Plaza before the severe weather rolled in. Whether they were waiting under the tent for the weather to clear or bearing the rain with umbrellas, Sister Hazel fans stayed as long as they could to watch them play.

Due to the forecast, the program skipped right to Sister Hazel and they were able to perform a few songs before weather safety was an issue. Other bands scheduled to perform were Allen Wronko Band and The Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra.

Food and drink were in high supply under the tent thanks to vendors such as Pikk’s Tavern and Greek’s Pizzeria. Valparaiso Events provided lots of opportunities to grab a bite and enjoy the show.

Aaron Ingram of Valparaiso Noon Kiwanis Club helped work the bar. The Valparaiso Noon Kiwanis Club helps bartend a lot of the events around Valpo so they were happy to help out with this one. The money from events like these go to Riley's Children Hospital to support the children in need.

“All of the bartending, VIP seating and the ticket takers here are here to help not only with the event, but to raise money for the hospital. These events are good quality events that enable us to be a part of our community and help raise proceeds that are going to a good cause,” said Ingram.

Although the rain ended this event abruptly, fans still got to see Sister Hazel perform their favorite songs and enjoy some food and drinks with friends. Only extreme weather could stop the music fans from enjoying this fun night.

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