From Idea to Reality, Parkview 5th Graders are Approved for Gaga Pit

From-Idea-to-Reality-PV-5th-Graders-are-approved-for-Gaga-PitParkview 5th graders were inspired to build a Gaga Pit after reading an online Article on Newsela during a reading activity this winter. The article contained information about this growing game enjoyed by students globally. Students had an immediate connection to the game after playing at Camp Tecumseh in 4th grade.

The article prompted students to ask questions. Questions then lead students to an idea. And the idea lead to research. Students gathered into groups to research safety, health benefits, materials and cost, rules, location, and fundraising through websites, phone calls, and emails. Next, they created a Google Slideshow to display their information and invited Valparaiso Community School Superintendent Dr. Frataccia, Assistant Superintendent Mrs. Lauck, Parkview Principal Mrs. Wodetzki, and VCS Building and Grounds Director , Mr. VanKeppel. Students presented the slide show with the hopes of obtaining a Gaga Pit for Parkview’s playground. Student’s worked together to answer questions during the presentation and in the end were rewarded with approval of a Gaga Pit for the school.

Preparations for building are in the works and students are excited to play before moving on to Middle School next year. This new game not only benefits the students’ of Parkview, but the community around the school as well. Students did an amazing job throughout the whole process.