Grand Opening of Fit Body Boot Camp in Chesterton Showcases its Unique Gym Experience

Grand Opening of Fit Body Boot Camp in Chesterton Showcases its Unique Gym Experience

The grand opening of Fit Body Boot Camp of Chesterton offered members of the community a hands-on experience at the gym as it invited them to participate in a high-intensity group workout.

Focusing on 30-minute sessions of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in a group setting, Fit Body Boot Camps offers an alternative to the traditional gym experience.

“We looked around in Northwest Indiana, and there was nothing like what we have to offer here in Chesterton,” Ian Bowen, owner of Fit Body Boot Camp, said. “In this area, there is nowhere else that offers the type of workout that we do. We’ll get you in, we’ll give you a great workout, and we’ll get you out.”

Bowen and his wife, the owners of Pumps Fitness in Valparaiso, wanted to offer the town of Chesterton a unique gym experience that could accommodate anyone. Fit Body Boot Camp strives to make a healthy lifestyle available to all people in the Region.

“We’re all about the community feel here,” said Bowen. “We are inclusive. We’re able to hold training sessions that speak to everyone, from beginner to the advanced and make sure that while everyone is having fun, they’re also challenged.”

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Karen Rivera, a member of Fit Body Boot Camp of Chesterton for five weeks, has found that she greatly prefers the circuit-based, high-intensity workouts offered by Fit Body Boot Camp over the traditional gym environment.

“It’s a completely different experience for a gym,” Rivera said. “There’s positive reinforcement. We push each other and encourage each other. It’s different from going to a regular gym where you are by yourself.”

By increasing the intensity of the workout, Fit Body Boot Camp is able to hold shorter workouts than most traditional classes, having each workout last just 30 minutes.

“We’ll get you into the best shape of your life,” said Bowen. “You get twice the results in half the time.”

“It’s only 30 minutes,” Rivera said, “but you are kicking it for the whole 30 minutes. I’ve been sore in places that I never even knew I could be sore in.”

Those currently attending Fit Body Boot Camp of Chesterton have appreciated the fun, encouraging environment. Kristina Alegra, a member of the new Fit Body Boot Camp of Chesterton, relies on Bowen to get her through the workout.

“He’s very motivational,” said Alegra of Bowen. “He works with you. It’s a very fun environment!”

Through regular positive encouragement, modifications for each workout based on fitness level, and a community of support, Ian Bowen makes members feel at home.

The grand opening featured giveaways, face painting, healthy snacks, and local vendors from the community. Attendees won three and six-month memberships, supplements, and tickets for an escape room.

Reane Clark of Chesterton has been attending Fit Body Boot Camp for three weeks. She was drawn to the gym after seeing pictures of their battling ropes on social media.

“They’re harder than I thought they were going to be,” Clark said, laughing. Clark has felt welcomed into the Fit Body Boot Camp family from her first visit. “The first time I came in, it was just me and Ian. He didn’t judge me. He offered modifications, and he paid attention to me to offer help and guidance.”

For Rivera, she believes the results she has found in just five weeks speak for themselves.

“My results have been awesome,” Rivera said. “I’ve lost 9.75 inches. I’m strong and have way more energy. Every small win is a big win.”

For those just beginning their workout journey and for those who have already begun, Bowen encourages them to keep a positive outlook.

“You have to keep a positive attitude,” said Bowen. “Take it one day at a time. It’s not about perfection. It’s about progress.”

“Give this a shot,” Rivera said. “I’ve always come from a normal gym atmosphere. Circuit training and high-intensity workouts were completely new to me. I had butterflies during my first workout, but Ian inspired us. He kept us going. You won’t regret it. When I walked out of my first workout, I was hooked, and I knew this was something I needed to stick with.”

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