Kotys Wealth Professionals Hosts Cookout to Show Support for St. Agnes Adult Day Service Center and its Community

Kotys Wealth Professionals Hosts Cookout to Show Support for St. Agnes Adult Day Service Center and its Community

Northwest Indiana is home to many generous people and organizations. In the business world, taking time from a work day to aid a community organization may not always be practical, but on Thursday, that didn’t stop the Kotys Wealth Professionals team from hosting a cookout for St. Agnes Adult Day Service Center. Focused on serving the community, the event provided a great opportunity for the Kotys team to give back and allowed the St. Agnes Center to enjoy the company of a few extra volunteers.

Hot dogs and hamburgers sizzled on the grill as the Kotys team prepared a fresh meal for guests. Inside, songs could be heard from the solarium as guests enjoyed their daily devotional time. For the Kotys team, serving is one of their core values and something they strive to do throughout the year.

“It’s been amazing... to see the business grow, add wonderful staff, and to be able to do wonderful things like this,” Sarah Kotys, CFO for Kotys Wealth Professionals said. “We’ve always enjoyed serving, it’s a core value of ours.”

As the guests finished their song, they lined up to grab plates of the delicious food prepared for them. The Kotys team was on standby with other volunteers to greet guests and assist them, however, was needed. From filling plates to passing drinks, the team made their way through the dining room for the guests.

“We have a client who has been volunteering here for years, so this is a way for us to thank him as well,” Wes Kotys, President of Kotys Wealth Professionals said. “I think connecting with the generation ahead of us is a nice opportunity for us. We’re serving them, but they also serve us in a way.”

St. Agnes Adult Day Service Center is a valuable part of the community. By offering daytime programming for adults with dementia, but who do not yet need a long-term care facility, they provide a service for those in need. With 75 volunteers and a small staff, the center relies on the generosity of the community.

“I’ve been here for 21 years, I was here when it started,” said Barbara Kubiszak, Director of the St. Agnes Adult Day Service Center. “We keep the guests moving physically and mentally. Every half an hour we change activities or rooms. It is so wonderful to be a part of this community.”

Events like this help not only feed the guests at St. Agnes Adult Day Service Center, but also change up the routine. By introducing guests to members of the community and allowing the community a glimpse inside, it helps bring awareness to the center and its programs. Their latest endeavor is the serenity garden that they’re working to build.

“It’s really so that people don’t have to be in a building all the time,” said Peggy Burnell, a volunteer. “When we want to get outside, we can do those things. They can walk around and it’s a safe, paved, even space for them to be.”

For Kotys Wealth Professionals, getting into the community and helping a worthy cause is just a part of their core values. Getting out to do it as a group shows their dedication and care for one another and the families in the area.

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