Levin Tire & Service Center Celebrates its 100th Year in 2018

Levin Tire & Service Center Celebrates its 100th Year in 2018
By: Jennifer Bissonnette Last Updated: May 8, 2018

Levin Tire & Service Center is celebrating 100 years in 2018 and couldn’t be more excited for the years to come!

While many businesses struggle to last through a second generation of ownership, and even more to make it past the third, Levin has surpassed these marks and kept themselves moving. Opening their first store in Gary in 1918, this local business has since expanded to six stores and has much more in store for the future.

“It’s rewarding to see that a small business that was started 100 years ago in Gary is now a six-store business with further expansion upcoming,” explained Barry Levin, owner of Levin Tire & Service Centers. “It shows that a small business can survive against larger big-box businesses if you provide excellent customer service and quality products with a modern approach.”

As such a longstanding business in Northwest Indiana, many would love to know the secret to being and staying successful. For Levin, dedication, loyalty, and good service have been key to not only keeping the business running, but serving the communities they’re in.

“Levin has always made it a priority to employ dedicated and loyal individuals that are passionate about the work they do and give maximum effort daily. Our employees plus the reliable products and services we offer keep customers coming back because they know we are going to get the job done right the first time,” explained Barry Levin. “We also take pride in being active in the community with local events and organizations.”

For a century, employees have been trained to take care of the customer, provide honest service, and work hard. While the Levin locations may provide customers with recommendations and updates on needed services, they’re always willing to understand the customers situation and find the best solution for them at the time.

“Our business isn’t driven by sales, but rather by service,” explained Barry Levin. “We find the best solutions for the customer’s vehicle problems. Our customers like to know what their options are when it comes to tires and automotive service, and how they can manage those options to align with their personal finances. We perform quick-fixes when necessary and feasible, and suggest more permanent repair options for the future when money isn’t so tight.”

While Levin is celebrating 100 years of service, they haven’t lost sight of the future. With a new store coming to St. John and the same service and dedication their customers have come to expect, Levin has set themselves up for another century of success.

“We are currently in the process of adding a location in St. John and hope to break ground shortly,” said Barry Levin. “We don’t want to deviate from our core values that have been successful for both our employees and customers. We will still provide the products and services that our customers rely on to keep their vehicles running smoothly. As we have proven in the past, and as technology changes, we will be willing to adapt and succeed.”

As can be expected by their excellent track record, Levin plans to bring their same excellent service and skills to the table throughout 2018 and beyond. To learn more about their history, or to find a service center near you, click here!