Links of the Week: 20-Somethings, Xbox Live and The 30 “Greatest” Baseball Cards of All Time

By: Brett Fuller Last Updated: August 20, 2010

Do you ever have one of those "things" where you know you have to do it, you want to do it, but it really never ends up happening? This week, I had one of those "things" that I actually did, and I have a feeling it will be one of those "things" that will shape how my next year is spent.

I ordered Xbox Live.

You see, playing video games online is something I had never truly taken advantage in my life, though it's been available for half a decade at least. Its incredible to see what I've been missing out on-- both good and bad. There is an entire new level of difficulty to get used to playing someone online-- there are a lot of people who play a lot better (and worse) than I do. It's a different culture entirely with online gamers. In two games of Madden I was cursed at repeatedly by someone who couldn't have been more than 10 years old and the next game I had a nice little chat with someone playing as the Seahawks about the Cover 2 defense.

It's fun, and I'm excited to finally go where so many have gone before. And on that note, here are your Links of the Week:

Interesting idea of the week: Journalism Warning Labels.

I like each one of Gizmodo's Top Ten Most Dangerous Things You Can Do Online, with the exception of the last one: "Try to get a free iPad...". We ARE giving one away. For free. You should really sign up because its free. And an iPad.

Great article here from the New York Times about the 20-30 year-old generation, many of whom are moving back in to their parents' house after college. An excerpt:

"A cover of The New Yorker last spring picked up on the zeitgeist: a young man hangs up his new Ph.D. in his boyhood bedroom, the cardboard box at his feet signaling his plans to move back home now that he’s officially overqualified for a job. In the doorway stand his parents, their expressions a mix of resignation, worry, annoyance and perplexity: how exactly did this happen?"

So, about The Great Internet War of Google & Apple: who is winning? Here is a comparison, by the numbers.

Rock band online for free? GOODBYE PRODUCTIVITY

Here's a pretty cool illustrated series from a computer professor in Utah called "What Exactly is a Doctorate?".

From - the 20 Best-Branded Women on Twitter. Why not, right?

If you woke up this morning thinking, "You know what, I really want to see some vintage colors photos of Europe circa 1906!", guess what? You're in luck!

TIME Magazine seeks to find out why TV ratings for sporting events are "surging".

The title of this link says "The 30 Worst Baseball Cards of All Time", but I disagree. I'd call these "The 30 Greatest Baseball Cards of All Time".

Did you think I could get away this week without another Inception parody? This week: Caddyshack.

And, for your Video of the Week: This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.