Links of the Week: Rolling Stone Magazine, Facebook’s Algorithm, and How Do You Stay Organized

Links of the Week: Rolling Stone Magazine, Facebook’s Algorithm, and How Do You Stay Organized

How do you stay organized?

I write a lot of things down. I am pretty particular about my email. I have calendars, to-do apps, texts/Facebook messages/calls, and all that jazz. There is a lot to keep track of out there, and I manage to squeak by. There has to be a more holistic approach I can take to manage the many messages coming in and out of my face every day.

So, in lieu of me bloviating on this week in this little intro section, I want to know: What are the tools you use to stay organized and declutter?

Leave a message in the comments!

Here are your Links of the Week:

Sad to see Rolling Stone Magazine go up for sale - always loved their interviews (until about 2007, at least). Here’s a look at what that could mean for the one-time cultural mouthpiece [New York Times]

Photos of your pets in swimsuits? *Bookmarks for Christmas* [Mashable]

Here’s a list of the best athletes at every height, from 4’8” to 7’3”, because this is the type of thing that belongs on the internet. Also, I’M THE SAME HEIGHT AS TOM BRADY!!! []

IMPORTANT: How to choose the best pen for the job. [Lifehacker]

Even though NBA teams are exploding in value, almost half of the teams actually lost money (on an Operations Income basis) last season, according to a report from ESPN. With the salary cap (and salary floor) almost doubling within 4 years, it is easy to see this coming. I hope no one loses sleep over the Indiana Pacers jumping from $383 million to $880 million in five years (+$417M) while losing maybe $10M this year. [ESPN]

Speaking of the Pacers, I disagree with Step 1 of Mark Titus’ plan to make them relevant again (moving). Indiana deserves an NBA team. [The Ringer]

Should Facebook abandon its algorithm? On one hand, it is *hard* to get messages out there to be seen by everyone who may be interested. On the other hand, there is *a lot* of content being shared. [WIRED]

Everything you need to know about the Equifax hack that affected 143 million of us. [The Verge]

Alright, Carpool Karaoke. You got me. Have a good weekend.