Megan Myers, Kotys Wealth Professionals’ Point of Contact

Megan Myers, Kotys Wealth Professionals’ Point of Contact

With the large number of clients Kotys Wealth Professionals maintains and continues to accrue, Megan Myers’ role as Director of Client Relations is vital. Acting as the first point of contact between the Kotys Wealth team and customers, Myers has an abundance of connections within her field and the surrounding community. A natural people person, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Like everyone on the Kotys Wealth team, Myers places the relationships she builds with customers highest on her list of priorities. Kotys Wealth Professionals is the only Fee-Only financial business in the area, and the company upholds a fiduciary oath to always act in their clients’ best interests. For Myers, this means treating them with the same care and consideration she has for family and friends.

“I get to know each client on a personal level; I talk with them about their families, their travel,” Myers said. “I find joy in building these relationships and hopefully making an impact in their lives. Relationships are key to our firm and we pride ourselves on building those strong connections.”

Myers wears many hats in her career, and they’re all tailormade for her skills. She is a graduate of Sawyer College and an experienced HR Professional with a PHR® (Professional in Human Resources) designation. Having worked in Human Resources for 10 years, with experience in banking, travel, and auto industries, Myers readily accepted the new challenges of her position in 2014 at Kotys Wealth Professionals.

“Coming here was a little out of my comfort zone, but I’ve enjoyed that adjustment and my role,” Myers said.

Along with acting as a liaison between clients and their advisors, Myers is also in charge of handling prospects and marketing. According to the team, she is the cornerstone connecting all efforts to provide the impeccable client experience Kotys Wealth Professionals are known for.

“I am very thankful to Wes and Sarah [Kotys], that they trust me and give me the autonomy to make decisions for the company,” Myers said. “They are so generous and kind-hearted, just great to work for and work with.”

Myers sites Sarah Kotys as one of her key motivators.

“Sarah is an inspiration to me. All of what she does, as a business owner and as a female, and within the community, it’s amazing,” Myers enthused.

Both halves of the Kotys power couple encourage their coworkers to get out in the community and volunteer, something that Myers appreciates.

“Wes and Sarah have given all of us the opportunity to volunteer, because that’s important to them,” Myers said. “I’m a member of Tri-Kappa now, and I also volunteer with Our Greater Good as a mentor for the lunch buddy program they have. I’d like to think one good deed will impact someone in a positive way.”

Myers is approaching her five-year mark with Kotys Wealth Professionals. With such positive experiences in the works, she feels as excited for each new day as when she first started with the company.

“We’ve done so many projects, within the office and within the community, that the last four and a half years have just flown by—they’ve been absolutely wonderful,” Myers said.

When Myers is not at work, she finds joy in spending time with her husband and three young and active children.

Kotys Wealth Professionals upholds a fiduciary oath to do what is in the best interest of their clients 100% of the time. The company has been voted Best Wealth Advisory Firm in the Greater South Bend/Michiana area by Northwest Indiana Business Magazine, as well as recognized in the Financial Advisor magazine for the past three years. To work with excellent team members like Myers, visit their website today. Megan also welcomes you to contact her at