Porter Health Care System’s Extends Appreciation and Honors to its Volunteers

Porter Health Care System’s Extends Appreciation and Honors to its Volunteers

The volunteers at Porter Health Care System enjoyed a celebratory luncheon at Old Town Banquet Center in Valparaiso on April 11, during National Volunteers Week.

During the luncheon, Chief Executive Officer Sean Dardeau thanked the 93 volunteers who donated 23,725 hours in 2018. Four volunteers who attended the luncheon have donated their time for more than twenty years. "At Porter, volunteers can be found assisting in nearly every department within our facilities," said Dardeau. "These individuals bless our staff, patients and visitors every day as they do their work with a giving heart."

Porter-Health-Care-Systems-Extends-Appreciation-and-Honors-to-its-Volunteers_02 Twenty-two volunteers were recognized for reaching service hour milestones:

  • 100 hours: Samantha Frey, Laurie Oskierko, Natalya Sargent, and LaVerne Sorensen
  • 500 hours: Jane Aicher, Barbara Brandt, Kathleen Brandt, Kristine Marino, Sandi Martin, Elizabeth Monroe, Ray Music, Jennifer Ritthaler, and Marge Vaught
  • 1000 hours: Dorothy Frencel and Arlene Gritton
  • 2000 hours: Herbert Angle and Gloria Hartz
  • 3000 hours: Eric Thorstad
  • 4000 hours: Julia Young
  • 7000 hours: Carol Dowd, and Peggy Manda
  • 24,000 hours: Sandy Jenkins

Porter-Health-Care-Systems-Extends-Appreciation-and-Honors-to-its-Volunteers_03 A special recognition went to volunteer Sandy Jenkins for the 24,000 hours she has contributed throughout her 19 years with Porter. Sandy is currently a volunteer at the registration desk at Porter’s Valparaiso Medical Center and refills the hand sanitizer/face mask stations for visitors located throughout Porter Regional. She is known for her dependability, sense of ownership and her sweet smile. Marianne Dimos, former Volunteer Coordinator at Porter, was also recognized for her many tireless hours as the volunteer leader. Marianne retired last year after serving 15 years as a Porter volunteer.

Community members interested in volunteering at Porter Regional Hospital can visit: https://www.porterhealth.com/volunteer-opportunities