Self Esteem 101

By: Marci Crozier Last Updated: August 13, 2011

ListPeople write me every day and they put themselves down!!! I don’t like it.

How does someone expect to develop high self esteem if they repeat negative phrases about themselves and their abilities? This has to stop…FIRST in our Self Esteem 101 Class.

Next, I will ask my readers to stop comparing themselves to other people, including me.

I am just a person just like you that works everyday to make the right choices. It is not easy…never has been and never will be.

STOP comparing yourself with other people. There will always be some people who have more than you and some who have less. If you play the comparison game, you’ll run into too many “Opponents” you can’t defeat.

Take advantage to self help books and workshops.

There are many great CD’s you can listen to in your car on self esteem. I don’t endorse any of them in particular. They can all work if you keep an open mind. Whatever material you allow to dominate your mind will eventually take root and affect your behavior.

I remember once when I was listening to Zig Ziglar, he told me to make a list of all of my positive qualities. I found out that I was honest, unselfish, helpful, and creative. Maybe I was generous, maybe not but it sure made me feel good.

I reviewed this list often. I encourage you to write down at least 10 qualities and review the list at least once a week.

Don’t dwell on your inadequacies…we all have them. Focus on your positive traits and you will stand a much better chance of feeling good about yourself.


Marci-CrozierMarci Crozier was a popular contestant on NBC's The Biggest Loser - Season 11. She was the first woman in BL history to reach her goal weight while still at the BL ranch. Marci's expertise in the fitness and weight loss industry was developed during her 28 years as the General Manager of a large, regional fitness facility in Indiana. She is a highly respected, engaging motivational speaker who has inspired sales teams, business professionals, and student athletes, as well as those individuals struggling with personal fitness and weight issues. View her blog here!