Thank You for Praying…

calvary-church-logoI cannot tell you how important your prayers are to me. A little more than a week ago I was in emergency surgery with an abscessed appendix. Things happened so quickly that I only had time to notify the elders and our three boys. The awesome team with me from Calvary was busy raising cash in Kenyan shillings to get me the care I needed.

I was literally in surgery in Nairobi while the elders were meeting in Valpo. Waking up under a mosquito net in an African hospital 9,000 miles away from home I gave thanks for God's goodness, and all those who I knew who were praying for me back home. I have slowed the pace down just a bit--and my doctors tell me I am healing well. Thank you, thank you, for praying.

I hope you are enjoying Lectio Divina--I am enjoying writing them. Last Sunday we had a family come to coffee with the pastors who heard about us through the daily devotions! Isn't that amazing? We are spreading the Word through NWI in the world through all sorts of means.

PLEASE DON'T FORGET to push that clock forward one hour on Saturday night. We need as many of you as possible to make it to the 9a service as the 10:45a service is literally overflowing almost every week with people out in the hallways. Please help us make room for people if you can. I can't wait to open the word and bless you with another vertical exposition from the Gospel of Mark this week.