“The Ghost in Me” themes the 2019 Calumet College of St. Joseph Humanities Fest

“The Ghost in Me” themes the 2019 Calumet College of St. Joseph Humanities Fest

“The Ghost That Haunts Me” was the timely theme of this year’s Calumet College of St. Joseph Humanities Fest, featuring workshops, movies, performances, and competitions by the students. The college has been hosting the event since 2010, and Monday night’s fest ended with a ghost-themed art show featuring drawings, paintings, photography, and pumpkins. 

The humanities department works throughout the semester to develop ways to showcase the activities within the humanities fields, including philosophy, English, theology, and the arts. Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Ginger Rodriguez noted the fest is a way to bring students together but feels like something a much larger college would offer, allowing them to hear about different opportunities and different ways of approaching learning.

Humanities Fest 2019

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Humanities Fest 2019Humanities Fest 2019Humanities Fest 2019Humanities Fest 2019

“Students have shared some personal experiences about people and things that have stuck with them, which has culminated in our theme of ‘The Ghost That Haunts Me’,” Rodriguez said. “I think that students are happy to do something that’s not just sitting in a classroom and listening, but rather participating and being a part of these events.”

All of the activities planned for Monday were booked, proving students and the community are taking advantage of what Calumet College is offering. This week is all about how they document the human experience, whether through art, literature, philosophy, music, theology, etc. Chair of the Humanities Department Fr. Kevin Scalf C.PP.S., said this week is all about their mission as a school and their identity within the church. Calumet College of St. Joseph is the only Catholic college in Northwest Indiana.

“Often we wonder what the humanities are. One of the operative definitions I like to work with is this: the humanities can be described as the study of how people process and document the human experience,” Scalf said. “Humanities focus on the human, made in God’s image, and all of the wonderful experiences one encounters, so I just want the students to enjoy this week and try to become a little more human.”

Chris Buczinsky, Associate Professor of English, Writing, and Professional Communication, had students who participated in the art show, including those who aren’t necessarily art majors.

“It’s a yearly art show for kids to express themselves not just in words, but in images and in art,” Buczinsky said. “Once it comes to fruition it’s always nice because the students don’t always realize how nice it is to have everyone’s work culminate in a show.”

Freshmen Areli Enriquez and Elisama Gurrola attended this year’s art show.

“I wanted to see the different arts because I knew it wasn’t going to be just my art class,” Enriquez said. “I enjoy smaller events. It felt comfy to come here.”

“I personally like to color and draw. I’m not that good at it but I like to see what everyone else has to offer and there’s a lot of good art here,” Gurrola said. “This is a little different because I’m used to going to a lot of bigger events, and everything here is small and a friendly atmosphere.”

The festivities will continue with events through the Oct. 31. Be sure to check out the schedule at https://www.ccsj.edu/humanitiesfest/ for more information.