The Lakes of Valparaiso Employee Spotlight: James Richey

The Lakes of Valparaiso Employee Spotlight: James Richey

Maintenance and a dedicated, capable staff are vital to any apartment community. The Lakes of Valparaiso is lucky to have wonderful, professional employees who care immensely about the upkeep of their community. From simple fixes to more complicated jobs, they’re at the ready whenever a resident needs assistance.

For the past two years, James Richey has been among those employees. With 14 years of experience and the added benefit of initially being trained by Pete (the maintenance supervisor at The Lakes,) he’s doing an excellent job keeping apartments and common spaces up to par.

“Pete taught me everything I know,” Richey said. “We keep a high standard here. Work orders are completed in 24 hours, that’s our policy.”

Richey loves the people and interaction he experiences at The Lakes. From residents who are more than happy to have a conversation, to the staff he spends his day with, the teamwork and helping attitude make each day a little easier.

“We all work well as a team. I love how friendly the people are here,” Richey said. “Coming to work, it isn’t one of those jobs you don’t want to go to. I enjoy coming here.”

With no two days being identical, Richey looks forward to the surprises that pop up from day to day. Additionally, he appreciates that The Lakes is willing to help him attain additional certifications and education to be sure he’s fully informed and knowledgeable in his craft.

“If you want to advance in your career as a maintenance tech, they’ll send you to classes,” Richey said. “I went to my CPO class and am now CPO certified, which is for the pool. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can hurt someone pretty bad with the chemicals. Every time you get a certification it helps.”

For Richey, maintenance is a natural fit. His love of working with his hands makes the work enjoyable and rewarding. Plus, the constant challenge and learning provide him with an interesting work environment.

“I’ve always been the type of person who likes to work with their hands,” Richey said. “Even as a kid, if relatives were working on cars I was right there wanting to learn. I’ve always been that way. It makes me feel good about what I’m doing.”

For employees like Richey, The Lakes provide a community to care for and one they can be immensely proud of. From the beautiful clubhouse and community facilities, to the pool and apartments themselves, the work they do keeps a beautiful space in working order.

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